A very special Thank You to everyone who supported our campaign for Pennsylvania State Representative in the 154th Legislative District serving Cheltenham Township, Jenkintown Borough & Springfield (Montco) Township. While the outcome wasn’t as we planned, we ran a great race & will continue the fight for our fellow citizens.

Election Day, and the 2020 Election was like no other.  Everyone that worked hard at the Polls, and the new friends we have made during this time of uncertainty, I appreciate all you have done.  (Great pics) ???

To my whole family who once again supported me through these past months why we all were struggling to keep healthy and safe, I love you and thank you.  I will continue to fight for families like mine, that face struggles of being a single parent with young children.  Even though my children have grown into great strong young women,  and even though I have not been elected, I am still committed for change in the Commonwealth to help with the struggles our families face everyday financially and mentally.

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU, to the man who is always there to support me, keeping the campaign moving, and getting the job done, Thom Estilow.  For those who know Thom, you can always count on him to support our community, along with various organizations that are not political.  He knows it’s not all about politics, it’s all about doing the right thing.
Go Thom!

Please keep in touch, I am always looking to help support our businesses, families, and work with great people. 

I wish everyone a safe, happy and healthy holidays coming up, as the next few months are going to be tuff for everyone, as we look towards 2021!

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  1. November 14, 2020 E. Rosenstein

    Thank you Kathy for ur dedication, beliefs and futuristic thinking. Ur engaging charisma is contagious.

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