Kathy Garry Bowers – Candidate, State Rep

Kathy Garry Bowers is an independent candidate running for Pennsylvania State Representative in the 154th Legislative District serving Cheltenham Township, Jenkintown Borough & Springfield Township.

She spent her entire life in Glenside, right in the heart of the 154th Legislative District. Kathy is a proud graduate of her hometown school, Cheltenham High. She has three wonderful daughters who followed in her footsteps by graduating from Cheltenham High School.

While raising her family and working full time, Kathy fulfilled her dream of receiving an Associates Degree in Business Administration. Following her graduation, she became a State Licensed Insurance Producer.

She is also familiar with the inner workings of local government. As a concerned resident of Cheltenham Township, Kathy took on the Township Commissioners to improve safety at the children’s pool in Glenside. Later, she took on the School Board due to the mold at Cedarbrook Junior High. She fought for us then and will fight for us in Harrisburg.

Kathy is a single mom who bore the sole responsibility of providing for her daughters and sending them to college. Her two oldest daughters are proud graduates of nearby Arcadia & Temple Universities. Her youngest daughter is currently attending West Chester University.

It is because of her experience that she will fight for our single parents in Pennsylvania every day. Pennsylvania’s Child Support & Divorce Laws are antiquated- having been on the books for decades. She will not stop until our Child Support Laws are at least as progressive as Mississippi’s. Kathy will not rest until all of our single parents feel some relief.

Our State House is filled with career politicians who get re-elected term after term after term without helping anyone but themselves. It’s time to elect one of us- a hardworking, concerned citizen who will be our champion in Harrisburg.

It’s time to elect Kathy Garry Bowers as our State Representative.

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